Month: June 2021

  • Wind River Range- 5/28-5/30

    Wind River Range- 5/28-5/30

    A magical 2018 trip to the Cirque of the Towers forever cemented the Wind River Range as a special place in my mind. Yet, despite being a shorter drive than Indian Creek, I had not made it back since moving to SLC. Eager to change this, and itching to get a final ski adventure in,…

  • Mount Rainier – 5/15

    Mount Rainier – 5/15

    It’s impossible to see Mount Rainier from Seattle and not have your mind blown; it looks fake, it’s simply so big on the horizon. I’m sure Washington residents eventually get used to it, but every time I’ve visited Seattle the mountain captivates me. Taryn makes fun of how obsessed I am with the “scale” of…