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  • Eklutna Traverse 4/27-4/29

    Eklutna Traverse 4/27-4/29

    We slept in the morning of the 25th, exhausted from back-to-back big days, and headed to a coffee shop to figure out our next moves. To our frustration the weather in the PNW still looked terrible for the next week. With our dreams of Cascade skiing looking more and more unlikely we wracked our brains…

  • Three Sisters Traverse 4/24

    Three Sisters Traverse 4/24

    Back at the car after a great morning of skiing Taryn and I pondered our next move. All of our objectives lay to the north. While we wanted to end up in the Cascades, an obvious stop along the way was the Three Sisters outside of Bend. I had spent a week skiing at Mt.…

  • La Sal Linkup 4/8

    La Sal Linkup 4/8

    No real write up for this one, but a cool little solo linkup of the three tallest peaks in the La Sals that I managed to sneak in on the way home after dropping Taryn off at her course.

  • Wind River Range- 5/28-5/30

    Wind River Range- 5/28-5/30

    A magical 2018 trip to the Cirque of the Towers forever cemented the Wind River Range as a special place in my mind. Yet, despite being a shorter drive than Indian Creek, I had not made it back since moving to SLC. Eager to change this, and itching to get a final ski adventure in,…

  • The Evolution Traverse – 8/16

    It’s a lost, or it’s kind of an ignored idea, the idea of magnificent failure rather than a mediocre success Peter Croft Like many great climbing goals, I’m not sure exactly when the Evolution Traverse first came onto my radar, but with a few amazing traverses under my belt (namely the Cirque Traverse in 2018…

  • Cathedral Traverse – 8/1

    With temperatures in Salt Lake City peaking well into the 100’s, Taryn and I decided to escape to Jackson for another weekend away. We initially discussed attempting the Cloudveil Traverse as our run up Middle and South Teton had left us inspired to complete that section of the ridge line, but as the weekend grew…