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  • West Coast Travels 5/3-5/15

    West Coast Travels 5/3-5/15

    This post is going to mainly be a photo dump in an attempt to catch up to more recent adventures. After the Eklutna Traverse, Taryn and I spent a few days in Alaska waiting to see if any further weather windows would materialize. Unfortunately the warm temperatures continued and the spring shed was in full…

  • Three Sisters Traverse 4/24

    Three Sisters Traverse 4/24

    Back at the car after a great morning of skiing Taryn and I pondered our next move. All of our objectives lay to the north. While we wanted to end up in the Cascades, an obvious stop along the way was the Three Sisters outside of Bend. I had spent a week skiing at Mt.…

  • Mount Shasta – 4/23

    Mount Shasta – 4/23

    After a fun few weeks enjoying the mountain west, Taryn and I decided to turn our focus towards the west coast. Taryn had several things to wrap up in Salt Lake City so I drove the van out to San Francisco to spend a week hanging with friends. Some yummy dinners, excellent surfing, and a…

  • La Sal Linkup 4/8

    La Sal Linkup 4/8

    No real write up for this one, but a cool little solo linkup of the three tallest peaks in the La Sals that I managed to sneak in on the way home after dropping Taryn off at her course.

  • San Juans – 3/28-4/7

    San Juans – 3/28-4/7

    I’ve fallen far too far behind on adventure write ups so going to keep this one quick. After coming back from Canada Garrett, Taryn and I were supposed to head to Alaska for some spring skiing but we bailed due to weather (probably a mistake based on this report). Instead we decided to head to…

  • Fairy Meadows Part III 3/9-3/11

    Fairy Meadows Part III 3/9-3/11

    After two days of getting sendy, Taryn and I decided it was time to get back to our roots. Feeling antsy for an early start and craving the simplicity of dialed partners, we made plans to ski with Duncan and Shanna. I’ve always considered myself pretty impatient when conditions are good and I want to…

  • Fairy Meadows Part II 3/7-3/8

    Fairy Meadows Part II 3/7-3/8

    We woke up to stormy weather the next day; a welcome break after the previous two days. With non-existent visibility in the alpine, we decided to check out the trees near the hut. Our day’s travel was the following: We left the hut at a leisurely 9:45, planning to head up the slopes above the…

  • Fairy Meadows Part I – 3/4-3/6

    Fairy Meadows Part I – 3/4-3/6

    Precision takes time – Team Sloth Fairy Meadows was a long time coming. Garrett entered and won the required lottery back in 2018, with the trip originally planned for the 19/20 winter, specifically March of 2020. Needless to say, the timing did not work out. For me personally, I had been hearing stories of epic…

  • North Ridge of Pfeifferhorn – 2/12

    North Ridge of Pfeifferhorn – 2/12

    It’s been a very dry mid-winter and even the sheltered north-facing slopes are getting grim. Determined to find some excuse to get up into the high mountains, Hunter and I decided to check out the North Ridge of Pfeifferhorn. We have both done the North Ridge in summer, but the idea of doing it with…

  • Wind River Range- 5/28-5/30

    Wind River Range- 5/28-5/30

    A magical 2018 trip to the Cirque of the Towers forever cemented the Wind River Range as a special place in my mind. Yet, despite being a shorter drive than Indian Creek, I had not made it back since moving to SLC. Eager to change this, and itching to get a final ski adventure in,…