Fishhook Yurt – 4/1-4/5

One evening in the fall Garrett had wandered into the dining room and announced, “I just booked a yurt in the Sawtooths in the spring. It has a hot tub. You interested?” “Obviously”, I responded. While the idea of rustic afternoon soaks was certainly enticing, I was mainly just eager to get back to the […]

Trip Report

Swan Mountains Yurt Trip – 12/27-12/31

Skied deep pow Hucked big cliff Made tower of Power out back – Me Thanks When Gabe reached out about a yurt trip to the Swan Mountains in northern Montana around the holidays I was dubious. Scary weak layers and frostbite, or powder skiing in the Wasatch? Tough trade-off. Luckily, the appeal of spending 5 […]