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  • La Sal Linkup 4/8

    La Sal Linkup 4/8

    No real write up for this one, but a cool little solo linkup of the three tallest peaks in the La Sals that I managed to sneak in on the way home after dropping Taryn off at her course.

  • North Ridge of Pfeifferhorn – 2/12

    North Ridge of Pfeifferhorn – 2/12

    It’s been a very dry mid-winter and even the sheltered north-facing slopes are getting grim. Determined to find some excuse to get up into the high mountains, Hunter and I decided to check out the North Ridge of Pfeifferhorn. We have both done the North Ridge in summer, but the idea of doing it with…

  • The Swell – 10/23-10/24

    The Swell – 10/23-10/24

    No real write-up for this one. Just some pictures from a beautiful weekend climbing in the beautiful Swell. Climbed at Trojan Wall the first day and Dylan Wall the second. Highlights include:* Questing up an unknown wide pitch at Trojan Wall and fighting through sand, broken holds and self-doubt to reach the top. * Figuring…

  • Tolcat Couloir – 5/4

    Tolcat Couloir – 5/4

    Blading big mountain lines takes patience and dedication. So when life, partners, and conditions lined up, I knew I had to jump on it. The goal: Tolcat Couloir off Mt. Olympus (V 50° 2500ft). Overlooking Salt Lake Valley, this striking line has captured the imagination of skiers for generations. After making its first descent in…

  • Icefall – 4/17

    Icefall – 4/17

    I’ve fallen over a month behind on blog posts and I have several more recent adventures I want to get around to writing about so this post may be shorter and less detailed than usual. But it was a wonderful day checking out a somewhat less traveled corner of the Wasatch so I don’t want…

  • Northwest Couloir of Pfeifferhorn – 3/28

    Northwest Couloir of Pfeifferhorn – 3/28

    Spring has finally arrived in the Wasatch, and with it the chance to ski bigger lines. Taryn’s studying is in full swing, so when she informed me that she could take Sunday off I quickly ran through my mental list of Wasatch lines I’ve had my eye on. Immediately the Northwest Couloir of Pfeifferhorn came…