Month: December 2021

  • The Swell – 10/23-10/24

    The Swell – 10/23-10/24

    No real write-up for this one. Just some pictures from a beautiful weekend climbing in the beautiful Swell. Climbed at Trojan Wall the first day and Dylan Wall the second. Highlights include:* Questing up an unknown wide pitch at Trojan Wall and fighting through sand, broken holds and self-doubt to reach the top. * Figuring…

  • Yosemite Valley – 10/9-10/17

    Yosemite Valley – 10/9-10/17

    Yosemite Valley. It’s hard to summarize the weight The Valley carried in my mind prior to this trip. For years, Yosemite has felt like a gaping hole in my otherwise fairly well rounded climbing resume. For years, schedules and fitness and partners have never quite lined up and I’ve told myself “next year” as I…